Hayter takes third in Digital Swiss race

25 Apr 2020

Hayter takes third in Digital Swiss race

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Ethan Hayter produced an impressive ride in elite company to take third place on the penultimate day of the Digital Swiss 5.

The young Brit was taking part in his first competitive race for Team INEOS after beginning 2020 with a focus on the track at the Tokyo Olympics.

Hayter showed plenty of power on a fast course, moving into a strong position early and running as high as second, before solidifying third overall.

Up ahead a late charge saw Stefan Kung (Swiss National Team) overhaul and eventually fend off Michael Matthews (Team Sunweb) at the finish.

Ben Swift was also in action for Team INEOS, while Luke Rowe's race was cut short by technical issues. The action finishes with a final race on Sunday.


- Ethan Hayter

"I didn't really expect to be in contention at all to be honest. I did think it could kind of suit me with the downhills and some short climbs. I basically just went flat out on the climbs and tried to hang on on the descents. And it kind of worked!

"[The effort] was pretty tough. It didn't feel terrible I guess because we had the descents, so I could have a bit of a tactical rest each time. Over the top of the last climb I was ahead of Kung by a bit and then he put a minute into me! He came straight passed me as I was trying to catch my breath.

"I was just doing my own thing actually and not paying too much attention to the riders around me. What was useful was where it showed the profile of what was coming up. So I was just going easier on the descents and harder on the climbs.

"It was definitely nice to have a bit of healthy competition. There's no racing going on at the moment obviously. I wouldn't have pushed myself like that I don't think if I hadn't been in that situation. So it was a useful training tool as well as a bit of fun - if you can call it that!"