15 May 2020


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We’ve linked up with INEOS Team UK for a new series to keep you moving!

This series is hosted by Team INEOS Physiotherapist Nathan Thomas and INEOS Team UK's Performance Coach Ben Pink and will use their expertise to help with mobility, strength and conditioning which you can do anywhere. 
Move with Team INEOS - Nathan Thomas
Episode Four - Nathan has a handy stretch to help alleviate some lower back pain.
Episode Three - Nathan focuses on our hamstrings with a useful toe touch exercise you can do whilst seated.
Episode Two - Nathan shows us how to help with hip mobility, a perfect test if you spend much of your day sitting down.
Episode One - Nathan looks at how you can improve movement in your shoulder, especially if you are working from home. 
MOVE with INEOS Team UK - Ben Pink

Before trying Ben's workouts it's best if you're warmed up first. Follow the exercises below then you're ready to go!
Episode One - Try Ben's upper body workout
Episode Two - Try Ben's core workout to improve core stability 
Episode Three - Ben shows us some exercises for the lower body
Episode Four - With Ben back in the ITUK gym, it's time for a full body workout
Episode Five - With books to act as weights, Ben shows us four new exercises
Episode Six - Check out another three quick exercises to give you a full body workout