Pidcock wins as PFP podiums in Chur

07 May 2023

Pidcock wins as PFP podiums in Chur


Tom Pidcock claimed his first mountain bike victory of the season in emphatic fashion with victory in Chur.

The Brit was active in the race, pushing on at the start of the second lap, before launching a key acceleration to go clear on lap six of nine.

The European champion still had to fend off the attentions of Mathias Fluckiger on the final lap, with the Grenadier using the final cobbled climb as a launchpad to victory, eventually winning by nine seconds.

The Swiss Cup round featured a stacked field in both the men's and women's events, just one week away from the UCI World Cup opener in Nove Mesto Na Morave.
Photos: Noam Meresse

Photos: Noam Meresse

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot was also back in action off the back of a win a week earlier in Gueret. The world champ again looked strong, finishing second in Chur despite not feeling her best on the unusual tarmac/gravel hybrid course.

Ferrand-Prevot was right to the fore as the field whittled down early, and eventually formed part of a four-rider chasing group. Up ahead there was no stopping Evie Richards who took an impressive solo victory.

Firmly in the podium fight, Pauline got the better of Sina Frei on the final lap, edging past her rival to ensure she held position through the tight final corner after a long race.

The results mean each Grenadier MTB rider carries a victory heading into the World Cup in the Czech Republic.

- Tom Pidcock

"I feel good now but in the race that was hard. I was maybe overconfident at the start pushing on, and then I was blowing for maybe half an hour afterwards. Then I came back into it a bit. The race was quite cagey as the climb was so hard and also a headwind. In the group we would go slow and then really fast. I think it was playing on people’s legs in the end.
"Mathias was super strong. He crashed and then came across to me, then he was with me at the top of the climb. He did a strong race. I was struggling a bit on the long climb. It didn’t help that I only did 20 minutes of the race last week. It’s good to get a full hour and a half in my legs – it’s very different to road racing, the efforts. 
"The pace was super high. It’s also quite warm and I haven’t really ridden in heat this year. It’s been quite a cold spring. I didn’t really want to go into the red. 
"Hopefully that's blown out a few cobwebs. It certainly felt like it. Obviously next weekend is the first World Cup. It’s actually the leader’s jersey on offer as well, which I won’t get much chance to go for in my career I don’t think. So that would be nice."

- Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

"It was a really hard race so I’m quite happy with second. To be honest I didn’t feel really good today, so I just wanted to try and stay with the group, then at the end try to finish with the best result possible.
"At the end the big goal is next week, so today was a good preparation as well for next weekend.
"Today was a really fast race with mostly one climb and one downhill. It was good to get some rhythm in the legs. It was not like a real MTB lap, it was more for a powerful rider, so we’ll see how I can be next weekend.
"I’ve worked really hard this winter. It was only my second race today so I think I will be better and better. Like always the big goal will be in summer with the World Championships. So I have time to build up and to progress."