11 May 2023


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Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and Tom Pidcock to debut brand-new, full suspension cross-country bike at Nové Město.

INEOS Grenadiers riders Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and Tom Pidcock will officially debut a brand new, full suspension Pinarello Dogma XC development bike at the opening round of the UCI Cross-country World Cup in Nové Město, Czech Republic, on 11th – 14th May. 

As part of the Italian brand’s renewed focus on MTB, Pinarello began developing the bike in autumn 2022 and underwent an intense period of testing with Ferrand-Prévot, Pidcock and the INEOS Grenadiers’ technical team. The result is a bike which performs to the highest level, supporting both riders when they’re out there racing and putting in their best performances during UCI Cross-country World Cups, UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, and ultimately whilst working towards the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Already a proven race winner, with Ferrand-Prévot taking victory on the bike’s debut in the recent French Cup and Pidcock standing atop the podium the following week at OKK Bike Revolution, continuous testing will take place throughout 2023 with both riders heavily involved in its development.

The Dogma XC will be available commercially in March 2024 and there is a second, front suspension frame also being developed to meet the demands of other World Cup circuits. 

With the recruitment of a dedicated internal MTB R&D and kinematics team, development on the Dogma XC began with Pinarello analysing Pidcock’s feedback and data from his two previous years of mountain bike testing and competition. 

The study highlighted the requirements Pidcock felt were needed to produce a race bike capable of competing at the very highest level and being able to withstand the powerful riding styles both he and Ferrand-Prévot deploy. The requirements were as follows:

  • Extreme stiffness in the rear triangle and bottom bracket to offer maximum reactivity. 
  • Simple yet progressive kinematics to optimise travel and rebound.
  • The ability to match suspension travel to the unique demands of each circuit.
  • Lightness paired with exceptional drive and handling capabilities to excel on technical descents. 
While both Ferrand-Prévot and Pidcock’s Dogma XCs have the same frame and components, they each have their own custom paint jobs. The gold flourishes on Pidcock’s bike are a tribute to his gold medal-winning performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, while the rainbow stripes on Ferrand-Prévot’s model honour her four World XC Championships victory in 2022. 

With regards to Nové Město, both Pidcock and Ferrand-Prévot have great memories of the race, with Pidcock the defending XC champion having beaten Vlad Dascalu to victory there in 2022, and Ferrand-Prévot a winner on two previous occasions.

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot said: “I can’t wait to get out there and race the Dogma XC at Nové Město. To be working with Pinarello on developing the bike is super cool. It was exciting to receive and test the bike, my first impression is they’ve developed a remarkably fast bike. It has a good mix of lightness, responsiveness and rigidity, and allows you to really put the power down. Pinarello’s engineers are constantly asking us for feedback and it’s fun being part of the bike’s progression. I’m looking forward to going on a journey with this bike and it’ll be great to finally get the chance to ride it at the highest level of competition.”

Tom Pidcock said: “I’m really looking forward to trying this new Pinarello Dogma XC out at Nové Město. I got my first look at it back in March and my initial impressions were positive. It handles brilliantly, is super-responsive, and ultimately is fast. It’s a bike that’s still in development, and it’s going to be fun working with Pinarello to make it even better. I’ve never really been involved in the development process of a bike before, feeding my thoughts and suggestions back in, but it’s something I’m definitely enjoying and Pinarello’s engineers are committed to producing bikes that help us win races.”

Fausto Pinarello said: “Seeing Tom and Pauline competing on the Dogma XC is going to be a landmark moment for everyone at Pinarello. We’ve created a dedicated internal R&D team with some of the best MTB and Kinematics experts in the world, who have worked tirelessly since last year to build a bike that meets the demands of two of the very best cyclists on the planet, and we can’t wait to see how they ride it at Nové Město.”

Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Partners and Cycling Relations at INEOS Grenadiers said: “Our team has been developing high-performance bikes with Pinarello for over 13 years now. We understand how to get the best out of each other, and we’re delighted to be working with them again on this exciting venture. Our tireless approach to research and development has already started to bear fruit as I believe we’ve got a bike we can be proud of heading into Nové Město. The fact that Tom and Pauline are so involved in the development process has meant from the first testing they were already impressed with the bike’s handling. This is key, as ultimately, the goal is gold at the Paris Olympics, so this bike is being developed to perform at the highest level for them both.”