Tao's blog: Training with the Wahoo KICKR

20 Jun 2017

Tao's blog: Training with the Wahoo KICKR

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Tao Geoghegan Hart has taken over editorial duties with this blog and video below, explaining how he ensures the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer is part of his training regime. Over to you, Tao!

A few years ago, I would check the following day's weather almost every evening, sometimes across multiple apps, scanning radars, hourly forecasts and comparing “real-feels.” 

As a cyclist, most especially one in the winter, when the bulk of my training involves long hours amid the often-unpredictable weather of November through until February, this seemed like a necessary evil. 

Perhaps it was another small way in which technology had negatively affected humans, each app and website with its own slightly differing prediction, potentially triggering stress that really did not need to exist in the relatively tranquil world of a professional athlete.
What have I learned since then? I’ve learned that when you go to sleep, wake up the next morning and open your shutters, the other side of the window-pain will be whatever it so pleases. No minute-upon-minute refreshing of a website, app or television weather lady can change that, in fact more often than not, they can’t even accurately predict what you will see.
How Tao Geoghegan Hart uses the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

How Tao Geoghegan Hart uses the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

As a professional cyclist I can say with some level of informed experience, that most of us are really quite controlling of our training, keen to stick to our prescribed programmes at all costs, wary of losing even a single day, always with that particular race or event in mind.
In my apartment the spare bedroom is full of bike related “stuff,” spare tyres folded up on the shelves, old helmets, extra sets of wheels and my training TT bike, to name about 1% of its contents. However probably the most important thing in there, the piece of equipment that allows me to forget those blasted weather predictions, is my Wahoo KICKR.
When I was, a Junior I would often train indoors, growing up in inner-city London, I could simply go for a short ride after school. I would often train in the dark, venturing out into the lanes of Essex and returning through rush-hour traffic, but equally I would spend many hours in the kitchen (yes, kitchen!) with a towel over my handlebars and multiple bottles of water lined up on the side.
Tao used the Wahoo KICKR to warm up for the ITT on the final day of Tour de Suisse

Tao used the Wahoo KICKR to warm up for the ITT on the final day of Tour de Suisse

Looking back, I can only think how much easier life would have been if the Wahoo KICKR had been invented a few years earlier. It is genuinely a completely different experience to riding any other indoor trainer.  Now alongside my towel and bottles, will be my phone, no not to check the weather, but to communicate with my KICKR. I probably would have never believed you if you had said that I would be doing that five years ago!
I’ve heard bike riders say that riding indoors is boring, that they hate it. I can only say they aren’t on our team. Because I know, that in that moment I take out my back wheel from my bike, turn on the Bluetooth on my phone and reach for a towel from the bathroom, I will be getting a quality session in, no matter what the weather outside is doing.
And in case you’re curious, I train in my living room now...!
The life of a pro is busy and often requires being very intentional about training and fitting workouts in around travel to and from races that are all over the world. Tao shares one of the key KICKR workouts he performs before getting on a plane to head to the next race. Sport Director Dario Cioni provides a breakdown of Tao’s workout and how it fits into his overall race schedule. Check out the Wahoo Blog here for the full story.