Team Sky debut new KASK Valegro helmet

02 Jul 2017

Team Sky debut new KASK Valegro helmet

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Team Sky will debut KASK’s new ventilated, lightweight Valegro during the Tour de France this July, in anticipation of the new helmet’s launch later this year.

The new Valegro's key features are its cutting-edge ventilation system, its super lightweight compact design, its superb fit and rider comfort. 

Like KASK’s other road helmets, the Valegro has been developed with Team Sky’s riders, and is based on their feedback from the most punishing race conditions possible. With 36 air intakes, resulting in a head-to-pad contact area up to 70% less than some conventional helmet designs, Valegro's temperature management performance is unmatched – keeping our riders cool on the hottest of climbs and longest of stages during the Tour.

Lessons learned from the development of the Infinity aero road helmet and the specialist time trial Bambino Pro, combined with Team Sky’s feedback on their performance and characteristics, have been applied in the development of the Valegro. The profile of the polycarbonate shell has been tested and refined by KASK’s engineers in conjunction with a wind-tunnel to get the best results in terms of thermo-cooling performance. 

Hand in hand with advanced ventilation is Valegro's impressive weight. In conjunction with advanced materials and the new ventilation-optimised design, a brand new moulding technology has enabled KASK’s design team to provide Team Sky with a super lightweight version, weighing just 180g. 

Valegro's new breathable and quick-dry padding, including a 5mm layer of fast-wicking material that takes moisture away from the rider’s head and moves it to the helmet’s outer shell, contribute to a helmet that’s comfortable to wear, all day, and especially on those long, tough, hot climbs through the Alps and Pyrenees. Along with unique features such as new front and rear sunglasses garages, Valegro takes rider comfort to another level, so there are no distractions from the race itself.

KASK’s Manager Ylenia Battistello said: “We are always looking for the next advantage in terms of innovation and performance here at KASK. We have a great relationship with Team Sky and together we have developed a new helmet that delivers the optimum blend of high performance, comfort and rider security throughout a race as tough as a Grand Tour. We are very excited to see Team Sky riders racing in the Valegro from this July.” 
Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Operations, Team Sky, Team Sky said: “It’s been a great experience to work so closely with KASK in developing a helmet that will help our riders perform at their best. With every race, our riders and technicians demand to be ahead of the game in ultimate performance and rider comfort, and with the Valegro, KASK once again exceeds our expectations.” 

Team Sky will continue to use its other KASK helmets during this year’s Tour de France, including the Protone, the Infinity, and the Bambino Pro for TT stages. 

The Valegro will available to the public from December 2017.