Productive start with Today's Plan

16 Jun 2017

Productive start with Today's Plan

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Team Sky has enjoyed a productive first six months working with technology partner Today’s Plan, who are now exclusively providing analytics and training systems to the team.

The team partnered with Today’s Plan for the 2017 season and has worked hard alongside the Australian company to develop a bespoke athlete performance tool now used by every Team Sky rider, customising the platform to meet the team’s varied and specific demands.
An open and consistent feedback loop between the riders, coaches and Today’s Plan has seen big strides made since the start of the campaign, allowing a continuous optimisation of the system to enable the team’s performance staff to better analyse the rider’s performance and training data in a more efficient way.
The system also includes data points based on algorithms that have been specifically developed by Team Sky and, with an estimated 226,000 data points going into the system on just one race day per rider, the performance opportunities are limitless - but so is the need to use the data effectively.
Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Principal of Team Sky, outlined the benefits of working with Today’s Plan: “We’ve been a data-rich sport for a long time and have had the ability to capture data from a number of different sources. The partnership with Today’s Plan has enabled us to take a step back from this and start to map-out exactly what is important to us as a team and how we can extract valuable and actionable insights from our data sources, helping us make more informed and strategic performance decisions.
“We’ve also been developing bespoke datasets that augment existing data to make it more meaningful to the team, which is a first for us.”
How Team Sky use Today's Plan

How Team Sky use Today's Plan

Today’s Plan’s platform doesn’t just support on-bike and on-body sensor data but also incorporates nutrition and wellness data from a range of fitness systems, helping the team’s performance staff to make more informed decisions.
For the riders, the platform’s ecosystem of mobile and desktop apps has become their daily touch point for recording their ride, nutrition, and wellness information, as well as where they go to review their training progression as they prepare for the world’s biggest bike races.
Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a more detailed look at how Today’s Plan play a crucial role in helping the team prepare for our upcoming goals.