FAQs and Contact Us

At the INEOS Grenadiers we pride ourselves on excellent communication with our fans. We always aim to be within easy reach and want to make sure you get the answers you want quickly and easily.

Please continue reading for the answers to our most popular questions:

The INEOS Grenadiers contact

To contact the INEOS Grenadiers please email info@ineosgrenadiers.com

Press and media enquiries

All press and media requests should be directed to media@ineosgrenadiers.com

Job applications

Vacancies within the INEOS Grenadiers are extremely rare, but if you believe you have the credentials to become a valued member of our team, send your CV through to careers@ineosgrenadiers.com and we will save it on file in case anything suitable comes available in the future.

Our advice for any budding mechanics is as follows:

We recommend that you work in a good bike shop and while doing that get your NVQ in cycle maintenance - it doesn't mean you can build a bike from doing the course but it means you're legally able to work on customer's bikes and that if there was ever an accident you're covered by insurance. Also most good bike shops only take mechanics on with this qualification.

Then after that we suggest you go down to races and offer to help. Maybe even email teams and ask if you can gain some experience with them, starting in domestic teams initially as the jump from a shop to pro team is a big step.

And for prospective physiotherapists:

Get a Masters degree in sports physiotherapy and also attend plenty of taping and massage courses. Gain better understanding of strength, conditioning and training methods, and try to get some experience with a local team/amateur team. Bear in mind that there is no fixed structure or pathway to get into any sports or cycling teams - a lot of time it is just being in the right place at the right time.

Finally, for young riders looking to ride for the INEOS Grenadiers in the future:

Join an amateur cycling club which offers you the chance to compete on a regular basis and work your way up through the race categories. Once you have reached national or international level, if your results are good enough you will automatically come onto the radar of our performance staff, who will approach you if they feel you have the potential to make it on the team.