INEOS Grenadiers are proud to work with gebioMized for the German brand's bike fitting expertise.

Our partnership with gebioMized began ahead of the Tour de France in 2018 and has grown in scale and importance ever since. Now, the German company provide the team with bike fitting services and their new cycling shoe insole process.

And they’ve now taken their expertise and knowledge public, releasing the new PUSH insole.
“For me personally, one of the best examples for our fruitful partnership is the new PUSH semi-custom insole,” says Daniel Schade, sports scientist at gebioMized. “The team’s riders have continually given us crucial feedback on our products, based on their needs and their experience.”

That feedback led gebioMized to create PUSH - a semi-custom insole concept, based on data of more than 25,000 foot pressure mappings. The prototypes were sent out to our riders who all fed back to gebioMized HQ.

“Looking at all the data we realised that we could classify all our many, many custom made insoles into three categories,” added gebioMized’s bike fitter and product manager Michael Killermann.

“We used this valuable input to fine tune the concept, but it also proved that our idea worked. We recognised that through our three different categories, the possibility of using different sized insoles left and right and also some minor individual adjustments, we could satisfy the needs of almost every type of cyclist and every type of foot. Be it a light grimpeur, a strong sprinter or a versatile puncheur.”