Prestacycle and the INEOS Grenadiers are excited to continue their ongoing partnership, with new colour-coded versions of their popular TorqKey tools creating a higher level of performance, consistency and reliability for all bikes raced by the team.

The programme has been active and highly successful for both the 2022 and 2023 INEOS Grenadiers racing seasons. The next phase sees Prestacycle's release of their new colour-coded versions of their popular TorqKey tools.

The programme was created together with INEOS Grenadiers team mechanics, Prestacycle Engineers and in cooperation with INEOS Grenadiers Tool Sponsor, Unior Tools.

The programme calls for every bike to have every bolt re-torqued prior to each ride. Normally this could be a lengthy process for an entire team of bikes. Prestacycle's patented TorqKey design enables a higher level of accuracy and consistency than traditional clicker torque tools, and more importantly, the design allows users to un-screw with the same tool, vastly speeding-up the re-torquing process. In regular practice, Team Mechanics are able to entirely re-torque each bike in under one minute.

INEOS Grenadiers Head Mechanic Diego Costa spec'd and verified the needs of the bikes, and individual tool sets were configured to match the bikes. Tools are pre-loaded with the correct torque and bit for each application, so that even if the same torque was needed for different screw sizes, a different tool of the same torque is ready to go for each need. TorqKeys are used for every torque specification on the bikes – up to the 12Nm capability that TorqKeys offer. They are used even for the Thru-axles – insuring that improper tension would not cause excess bearing load.

David Finlayson, President of Prestacycle said: “We're very proud of our ability to contribute to professional racing, Last year I attended the finish of the 2022 Tour de France, where INEOS Grenadiers won the Team category. While it was most certainly the team that brought themselves across the line for the title, I'm confident it was our program that made sure the bikes did not hold them back.

"Prestacycle is releasing their new colour coded version of Torqkey tools, providing a rainbow of colour to help users quickly access the right torque. Torqkeys are available in both mini and Pro versions, with torque abilities from 3Nm through 12Nm.

Prestacycle TorqKeys are also available in other names and forms through various OEM and private label relationships Prestacycle has in cycling and other industries including medical, industrial and more.