INEOS Grenadiers Cycling Team partners with revolutionary new Sports Compression brand, Isobar, helping to advance the team's performance and recovery.

  • As an Official Sponsor and Approved Supplier of Compression, Isobar are equipping INEOS Grenadiers with their groundbreaking custom fit compression products.
  • As well as product, Isobar’s engineering specialists will work in conjunction with the INEOS Grenadiers research and development team.
  • The INEOS Grenadiers riders in this years’ Tour of Britain, have been using Isobar professional, custom sports compression to enhance their recovery.

Innovative British Sports Compression company Isobar has raised the bar when it comes to making a profound effect in sport performance. The new partnership will see Isobar supply product to teams in both INEOS Grenadiers elite road cycling and off-road cycling programmes.

Built on over 40 years of clinical expertise in medical compression, Isobar’s scanning innovation and patented technology develops compression garments tailormade to each rider using unparalleled levels of testing and science. Every compression sock is personally manufactured, the level of detail in the unique process ensures that every stitch and pressure deployment is personalised for each rider, empowering their ability to improve their performance and recovery by significant margins.

Dr. Rafael Santos, Head of Medical, INEOS Grenadiers: “As a team that looks to constantly innovate, our partnership with Isobar plays an important role in the recovery process for our athletes. The stresses and strains that our riders face, taking on some of the toughest events in the world, means that supporting optimal recovery is critical in meeting performance demands. We’re delighted with what Isobar is able to deliver to our athletes and look forward to working together into the future to continuously improve.”


In addition to working with British Swimming, The Royal Ballet, Sale Sharks and the English Institute of Sport, Isobar is thrilled to be providing its innovative product to the iconic cycling team who share the same pioneering passion and philosophy to utilise science and cutting-edge technology to help strengthen and boost performance.

Speaking about the new collaboration Clive Gunther, Isobar CEO said: “We are absolutely delighted to be joining forces with one of the most successful teams in the history of this sport. INEOS Grenadiers’ well-known ethos of continuous improvement and drive for excellence is reflected in our work and approach and we are honoured to be supporting such elite athletes. Witnessing how our products and expertise are genuinely making a significant impact and ultimately improving results is both inspiring and gratifying. Our ongoing work with the INEOS Grenadiers research and development team will allow us to drive new levels of compression therapy and ensure we are constantly improving our products and the team’s outcomes.

Isobar compression is designed to be effective; it is proven to expedite recovery after training allowing cyclists to recover quicker, giving them the edge.

The science: The personalised and customisable pressure level and pressure profiling enables the compression therapy to focus on either the venous return (time taken for blood to return to the heart from the ankle) and blood oxygenation or on the performance and recovery of muscles, preventing swelling and removing metabolites or a combination of both.

The stats:

  • 59% reduction in venous transit time (the time taken for the blood to return to the heart from the ankle) therefore improving blood oxygen and removing waste from the blood quicker.
  • 100% recovery in strength after 48 hours

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